Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010/07/25 - Actor and Art Model

Update: Here are some photos and some artwork from last Sunday.
2010_jul_25 0142010_jul_25 013Mathew brought only a few props: rope and rifle, along with a minimal costume: hat, bandanna, and vest - but really pulled off the cowboy attitude!

Artists work:
Jonathan Gilpin
"I was amazed and surprised how convincingly Matthew was able to create the illusion!"

Thirty-second poses

One-minute poses

Two-minute pose

Twenty-minute poses

This Sunday, Saddle-Up and Giddy-Up your drawing practice with Model and Performer, 'Matthew'!

2010_07_25_matthewMatthew is a favorite life drawing model for many artists in the Louisville area. He has regularly modeled for life drawing classes at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, I.U. Southeast, the Jewish Community Center, the Kentucky Watercolor Society and for many private artists and groups. He previously modeled extensively for the Louisville Visual Art Association at the now-defunct Artopia facility and at the water tower, and he has also appeared as a model at Jefferson Community College. Matthew studied theater at I.U. Southeast, and continues to perform on stage whenever possible. He most recently appeared as Dexter Jackson in "Two Beers and a Hook Shot" at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

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