Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010/05/30 - Belly Dancer

This Sunday Cabaret Life Drawing welcomes back Taletha, a professional belly dancer! Taletha will move to sounds from around the world, sharing her diverse dancing repertoire as she poses for your drawing pleasure!

Taletha began her professional belly dance career in 2004 and has quickly become one of Kentucky ’s most recognized and acclaimed Middle Eastern dance artists. She earns her living as a solo performer and instructor of belly dance (also known as Raks Sharqi or Oriental Dance) in Louisville , KY. In addition to Egyptian style belly dance, her repertoire also includes Central Asian dance, the folk dances of the Middle East, American Cabaret style belly dance, and Gothic belly dance. She is a member of the successful Middle Eastern folk and Central Asian dance ensemble, The Crescent Moon Dance Company, as well as co-founder of TL2 Productions, a partnership dedicated to bringing the joy of dance and music to Louisville , KY and Southern Indiana . More recently, Taletha has become founder and artistic director for Middle Eastern and Experimental dance ensemble, Asrar Al Badra, a group which serves to help provide a creative outlet and performance training for her students. She has also put her experience as a classically trained flautist to work as a member of Ahel El Nagam, a music group devoted to playing Middle Eastern music. Taletha’s abilities have earned her the opportunity to teach and perform not only in Louisville , but also in Lexington , Cincinnati , Indianapolis , Dayton , Columbus , Denver , Reno , and Seattle . Her performances have reached people from all walks of life. She has performed for major corporate functions, museums, cultural events, and even tattoo conventions. These opportunities have given Taletha recognition locally, and are also beginning to get the attention of people on a national and international level.


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