Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sunday November 28th 2010 - Bodybuilder

2010_05_23_kyle_johnsonThis Sunday, competitive bodybuilder Kevin Johnson will flex and strut his toned
anatomy in a series of fun poses!

In addition to his bodybuilding, Kevin is a small business owner and personal trainer. He has won several competitions over the past years. He recently placed second in the Men’s Open Middle Weight Class in the NPC (National Physique Committee) in Northern KY. Kevin is a big movie buff and enjoys browsing on the Internet, with Facebook being his main addiction.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21st 2010 - Flamenco Dancer

This Sunday, flamenco dancer and painter Graciela Perrone will delight you with her elegant and graceful flamenco-inspired poses!

Seeing Graciela Perrone dance, sing and paint her flamenco is a truly evocative experience. Her voice is majestically authentic and her body is aggressively graceful when dancing, the physical embodiment of the music it represents. Her music is not her only love; in fact she draws off it for her first love, painting. Bold and compelling, her oil paintings capture the expressions and movement of flamenco with passion. She has found a way to take these dramatically different art forms and blend them together as if they were always meant to coexist. To learn more about Graciela, visit her website 
jjgCabLifeDr_2009_Graciela was the first model I ever drew at Cabaret Life Drawing and she sold me on the whole concept! She is not a model pretending to be a dancer - she is one. Her bearing and posture exudes the danceform and allows the artists to draw from an honest and genuine source - her poses.  - J.Gilpin

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunday November 14th 2010 - Exotic Dancer

2010_08_22_ami_burtonThis Sunday, exotic dancer Ami Burton will sizzle your drawing practice with her fun and provocative poses!

For the past three years, Ami has worked as an exotic dancer. Her work as a dancer has helped her to become very limber, allowing her to cultivate moves that are animated, twisted, and yoga-inspired.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 7th 2010 - Art Model as Catwoman

Catwoman costumeThis Sunday, Sarah McCollum will model as everyone's favorite heroine, CATWOMAN! And this Catwoman is environmentally-minded; her second skin is made from 100% recycled materials.

Sarah is an experienced art model from the Louisville area. She is also an avid artist herself - writing and illustrating her own comics, designing and creating jewelry and clothing, as well as costuming and makeup artistry work for various theatrical productions.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October 31st 2010 - Acrobatic Duo

Update: Photos from last Sunday of Bethan and Micheal as they depict, respectively, Hell and Heaven .




Halloween Special! 
This Sunday, Bethan Kannapell, along with her assistant, Micheal, will personify good and evil intertwined. This modeling session will feature dance, contortion, acrobalance, inventive costuming...and plenty of skin!

Bethan has performed and directed circus productions around the country and is a member of the Circus Performance Group at Warren Wilson College. She recently directed her own circus production with 35 performers about a journey across the world told through folklore. See one of her recent performances in this video.

October 24th 2010 - Ballerina

2010_10_24_mcKinleyNicosonThis Sunday, professional ballerina McKinley Nicoson will inspire your drawing practice with her fluid grace.

McKinley started dancing at the age of six and has danced on scholarship with American Ballet Theatre, Walnut Hill School, School of American Ballet (New York City Ballet), and Chautaqua Dance Theatre. She was the 2005 Fund For the Arts Whittenburg Scholarship for Excellence recipient. After a two year break from dancing to pursue other passions, Nicoson performed with the Louisville Ballet this past season.

October 17th 2010 - Pin-Up Model

Update: Photos from Miss Borden's session at 21c!



This Sunday, pin-up model Miss Liz E. Borden will pose in her PJs...but this model is no snore!


Miss Liz E. Borden, a pin-up extraordinaire, is a native and current resident of Louisville, KY. Born May 3rd during the Derby season she secretly thinks the festivities are for her. Modeling is a new experience which she hopes to expand by working with new photographers and gaining new insights. To be famous or well known isn't as important as the journey down the path. Miss Liz E. Borden also owns and operates her own jewelry business "Just Charmed". All designs are her original work. She is an avid fan of classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Doors. As for dislikes she avoids spiders as if they were the plague. Of course don't be surprised when she does randomly kill a spider. It's personal. You may contact her via or

October 10th 2010 - Acrobatic Contortionist

2010_0815_andrew_goedickeThis Sunday, acrobatic contortionist Andrew Goedicke will WOW your drawing practice with his gravity-defying style!

For the past 13 years, Andrew has trained in various circus arts including: aerial silks, hand balancing, gymnastics, trapeze,contortion, and dance. He currently preparing for an audition in Montreal for the National Circus School (closely affiliated with Cirque du Soleil). Along with this experience, he has a degree in fine art and is a licensed teacher. An artist himself, Andrew works in various mediums, preferably mixed media

October 3rd 2010 - Mime

2010_10_03_erin_critesThis Sunday, theatre major Erin Crites will model for your drawing pleasure!

Erin Crites has her Master's in physically based ensemble theatre. She has studied acrobatics, mask work, physical embodiment, and serious character work.

September 26th 2010 - Burlesque Performer

2010_09_26_mistress_desadeThis Sunday, burlesque and S&M stage veteran, Mistress Elisabeth De Sade will model for your drawing pleasure!

Mistress Elisabeth De Sade is a 5-year veteran of the burlesque and S&M stage, performing with the Suicide Girls traveling show (locally) and with her own troupe, Girlie Girl Burlesque (Lexington) which features a plethora of other performers from that area. Ms. De Sade's stage persona is represented by a split personality; One being the sweet but cheeky strip teaser, and the other being a strict but sassy dominatrix. Split personalities are also reflected through differences in dress and general appearance.Performance venues include (but are not limited to): Buster's Bar (Boomslang Festival), Al's Bar, The Green Lantern, The Pussycat Lounge, Headliner's Music Hall, and the Southgate House. Ms. De Sade also spent a number of years as an alternative and life model. As mentioned previously, she was a Suicide Girl (but refuses to reveal her name) and has also done a number of shoots/sessions with private artists.