Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday June 26th 2011 - Dancer

This Sunday, multi-faceted dancer, Olivia Klotz will model for your drawing pleasure!

olivia2Olivia has Ballet training from the UofL Dance School and began Contra dancing at the Advent Church in Louisville. In 2004 she started belly dancing under the instruction of Taletha, a prominent belly dancer of Kenuckiana. Most of Olivia's dance repertoire is with the Louisville belly dance troupe Asrar Al Badre, where she performs American Cabaret, Egyptian and Gothic style belly dance with the troupe and as a soloist. Olivia is currently a member of Va Va Vixens, a local Burlesque Troupe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15th 2011 - Biker and Adventurist

This Sunday, REV IT UP with Biker and Adventurist Desiree, modeling for your drawing pleasure!

Desiree leads a very open, exciting, and adventure-filled biker lifestyle. She has an outgoing personality and has never met a stranger.

She has modeled for several layouts for various biker magazines, and was a model for Twisted Images tattoo studio during the premiere of the short film 'Little Shop of Horrors'.

P.S.: WonderFest!
If you are in Louisville already - you should check out the last day of WonderFest!

SF, horror & anime models (aliens, robots, monsters, spaceships & vehicles, comic book characters) are celebrated in Louisville! WonderFest is THE annual expo for model and toy collectors of s-f, horror & comics subjects--especially plastic kits & garage kits. Featuring the largest imaginative model contest in America, how-to seminars, movie special f/x & comic art guests, parties, and a dealer's room with collectibles from around the globe. Celebrating its 22nd year in 2011, WonderFest is an international hobby event.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday February 13th 2011 - Valentine Day Special - Cupid and Psyche

Psyche and Cupid at the fateful
moment...Venus will not be happy.
Valentine Special! This Sunday, Feel the Love with Cupid and Psyche modeling for your drawing pleasure!

Envious and jealous of the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche, Venus asks her son Cupid to use his golden arrows while Psyche sleeps, so that when she awakens, Venus would have already placed a vile creature for her to fall in love with. Cupid finally agrees to her commands after a long (and failed) debate. As he flies to Psyche's room at night, he turns himself invisible so no one can see him fly in through her window. He takes pity on her, for she was born too beautiful for her own safety. As he slowly approaches, careful not to make a sound, he readies one of his golden arrows. He leans over Psyche while she is asleep and before he can scratch her shoulder with the arrow, she awakens, startling him, for she looks right into his eyes, despite his invisibility. This causes him to scratch himself with his arrow, falling deeply in love with her....

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday January 9th 2011 - Burlesque Dancer/Aerial Performer

2011_01_07_JordanThis Sunday burlesque dancer and aerial performer, Miss Gypsy Love will model for your drawing pleasure!

Born bright-eyed and attention-starved, Miss Gypsy first began to satisfy her hunger for "oohs" and "ahs" when she discovered fire performing in 2007. The spark within her began to grow and she has singed many enthralled audiencesthroughout the city with the "hotness" of her fire and hula hoop acts. Her adventures and constant desire to improve her ability to amaze have spread her blaze to absorb a few new tricks, including aerial performance. There's no hope of surviving this wildfire of a performer...she continues to consume her audience, setting them ablaze with their own hunger for more.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday January 2nd 2011 - Acrobatic Contortionist

bethan2Happy Holidays! Bring in the NEW YEAR with Cabaret Life Drawing and Yoga with Art @ 21c Museum!

This Sunday Cabaret Life Drawing welcomes back Bethan Kannapell, an Acrobatic Contortionist and circus producer!

Bethan has performed and directed circus productions around the country and is a member of the Circus Performance Group at Warren Wilson College. She recently directed her own circus production with 35 performers about a journey across the world told through folklore. See one of her recent performances here: