Sunday, November 7, 2010

September 26th 2010 - Burlesque Performer

2010_09_26_mistress_desadeThis Sunday, burlesque and S&M stage veteran, Mistress Elisabeth De Sade will model for your drawing pleasure!

Mistress Elisabeth De Sade is a 5-year veteran of the burlesque and S&M stage, performing with the Suicide Girls traveling show (locally) and with her own troupe, Girlie Girl Burlesque (Lexington) which features a plethora of other performers from that area. Ms. De Sade's stage persona is represented by a split personality; One being the sweet but cheeky strip teaser, and the other being a strict but sassy dominatrix. Split personalities are also reflected through differences in dress and general appearance.Performance venues include (but are not limited to): Buster's Bar (Boomslang Festival), Al's Bar, The Green Lantern, The Pussycat Lounge, Headliner's Music Hall, and the Southgate House. Ms. De Sade also spent a number of years as an alternative and life model. As mentioned previously, she was a Suicide Girl (but refuses to reveal her name) and has also done a number of shoots/sessions with private artists.

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