Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 15th 2010 - Acrobatic Contortionist

This Sunday, acrobatic contortionist Andrew Goedicke will razzle-dazzle your drawing practice with his Cirque du Soleil- style!
2010_0815_andrew_goedickeFor the past 13 years, Andrew has trained in various circus arts including: aerial silks, hand balancing, gymnastics, trapeze,contortion, and dance. He currently preparing for an audition in Montreal for the National Circus School (closely affiliated with Cirque du Soleil). Along with this experience, he has a degree in fine art and is a licensed teacher. An artist himself, Andrew works in various mediums, preferably mixed media.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 8th 2010 - Art Model as Bond Girl

Update: Photos from this past Sunday.
Our model Sarah in the one long pose (about 35 minutes)

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 006

I took some poorly lit photos of the other artists work at the end during our "show and tell". Although the artwork is not well represented by these grainy images - it is exciting to get other artists work on the blog!
First our guest moderator, Neil Callander:

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 010
And then some nice work from the other artists (please email if you want your work credited) whose names I did not get.

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 012

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 007

This Sunday, Sarah McCollum will model a la Bond-Girl, Ursula Andress! Enjoy a day at the beach...Bond-style!

Sarah is an experienced art model from the Louisville area. She is also an avid artist herself - writing and illustrating her own comics, designing and creating jewelry and clothing, as well as costuming and makeup artistry work for various theatrical productions.

Just for fun here is a link to a search for "Bond Girls" on The Drawing Club's excellent blog - their blog is an inspiration for this one and the photos and art there may help get your imagination going!

This week is Shark Week on Discovery network - on the Lexington KY Comic Creators Group blog we are having a drawing challenge based on this theme. Please feel free to contribute to the CCG online collective if you like!