Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 8th 2010 - Art Model as Bond Girl

Update: Photos from this past Sunday.
Our model Sarah in the one long pose (about 35 minutes)

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 006

I took some poorly lit photos of the other artists work at the end during our "show and tell". Although the artwork is not well represented by these grainy images - it is exciting to get other artists work on the blog!
First our guest moderator, Neil Callander:

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 010
And then some nice work from the other artists (please email if you want your work credited) whose names I did not get.

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 012

jjgCLD_2010_aug_08_ 007

This Sunday, Sarah McCollum will model a la Bond-Girl, Ursula Andress! Enjoy a day at the beach...Bond-style!

Sarah is an experienced art model from the Louisville area. She is also an avid artist herself - writing and illustrating her own comics, designing and creating jewelry and clothing, as well as costuming and makeup artistry work for various theatrical productions.

Just for fun here is a link to a search for "Bond Girls" on The Drawing Club's excellent blog - their blog is an inspiration for this one and the photos and art there may help get your imagination going!

This week is Shark Week on Discovery network - on the Lexington KY Comic Creators Group blog we are having a drawing challenge based on this theme. Please feel free to contribute to the CCG online collective if you like!

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