Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19th 2010 - Bike Fanatic

This Sunday, Cabaret Life Drawing welcomes bike enthusiast and stilt-walker, Beth Godshall!

Beth is a bike FANATIC! She has her own pedicab business in which drunk people are biked around downtown Louisville to the wee hours of the morning. She also one of those nutso people who
think it's extremely fun to bicycle across the United States just for the heck of it. The outfit she is wearing in the picture is a stilt walking costume(another side job of hers) that she created out of bicycle parts
and bicycle tubes. She lives with her cat, who she snuck out of Mongolia...a very long, exciting story.

September 12th 2010 - Yoga Instuctor

This Sunday, professional yoga instructor Nicole Soteropoulos will flex, bend, and hold a series of poses that are guaranteed to stretch your drawing skills!

2010_09_05_nicole_soteropoulosNicole Soteropoulos is a compassionate and challenging teacher. She came to yoga to cope with physical injuries and pain but what she found was a rich tradition steeped in love. Yoga focuses on the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Nicole embraces both her current and past physical challenges to allow her to have a profound understanding of pain and a deep compassion for her students. Nicole enjoys working with all populations of people and especially excels working with individuals that have injuries and beginning students.

August 29th 2010 - Hippie/Raver Chick

Update: A photo and some artwork from Shannon's session as a Space Cowgirl!


2010_08_10_shannon_rumpke_space_cowgirlThis Sunday, Shannon Rumpke will beam your drawing practice to planet Intergalactic Cowgirl!....Its sure to be a fun ride!

Shannon is a Louisville native, hippie/raver chick, with a dynamic - but easy going - personality. Her look is quirky and dichotomous...for instance, she is playing with a Space Cowgirl Pin-Up theme at the moment. Her athletic, petite frame works really well for pin-up style poses; and is small but curvy! She loves yoga, and has the physical strength to hold poses for the duration.

August 22nd 2010 - Exotic Dancer

Update: Photos from Ami and Elijah Bishop's set.

Ami Burton - Exotic Dancer, Elijah Bishop - Personal Trainer in Cabaret Life Darwing session at 21c

Ami Burton - Exotic Dancer, Elijah Bishop - Personal Trainer in Cabaret Life Drawing session at 21c

This Sunday, exotic dancer Ami Burton will sizzle your drawing practice with her fun and provocative poses!

For the past three years, Ami has worked as an exotic dancer. Her work as a dancer has helped her to become very limber, allowing her to cultivate moves that are animated, twisted, and yoga-inspired.