Sunday, September 19, 2010

August 29th 2010 - Hippie/Raver Chick

Update: A photo and some artwork from Shannon's session as a Space Cowgirl!


2010_08_10_shannon_rumpke_space_cowgirlThis Sunday, Shannon Rumpke will beam your drawing practice to planet Intergalactic Cowgirl!....Its sure to be a fun ride!

Shannon is a Louisville native, hippie/raver chick, with a dynamic - but easy going - personality. Her look is quirky and dichotomous...for instance, she is playing with a Space Cowgirl Pin-Up theme at the moment. Her athletic, petite frame works really well for pin-up style poses; and is small but curvy! She loves yoga, and has the physical strength to hold poses for the duration.

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