Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21st 2010 - Flamenco Dancer

This Sunday, flamenco dancer and painter Graciela Perrone will delight you with her elegant and graceful flamenco-inspired poses!

Seeing Graciela Perrone dance, sing and paint her flamenco is a truly evocative experience. Her voice is majestically authentic and her body is aggressively graceful when dancing, the physical embodiment of the music it represents. Her music is not her only love; in fact she draws off it for her first love, painting. Bold and compelling, her oil paintings capture the expressions and movement of flamenco with passion. She has found a way to take these dramatically different art forms and blend them together as if they were always meant to coexist. To learn more about Graciela, visit her website 
jjgCabLifeDr_2009_Graciela was the first model I ever drew at Cabaret Life Drawing and she sold me on the whole concept! She is not a model pretending to be a dancer - she is one. Her bearing and posture exudes the danceform and allows the artists to draw from an honest and genuine source - her poses.  - J.Gilpin

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