Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010/07/18 - Belly Dancer and Burlesque Performer

This Sunday, VaaaVaaa-Vooom your drawing practice with Burlesque Performer, Olivia Koltz!

Olivia has Ballet training from the UofL Dance School and began Contra dancing at the Advent Church in Louisville. In 2004 she started belly dancing under the instruction of Taletha, a prominent belly dancer of Kenuckiana. Most of Olivia's dance repertoire is with the Louisville belly dance troupe Asrar Al Badre, where she performs American Cabaret, Egyptian and Gothic style belly dance with the troupe and as a soloist. She was recently introduced to Burlesque dancing and was part of Va Va Voyeur A Burlesque Show, a recent performance at the Alley Theater in Louisville.

Last week's Cabaret Life Drawing was a special treat! Scarlett St. Claire made dirty politics sparkle with her statement on the Oil Spill in the Gulf!  See previous week's post for update with attached photos.

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