Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2010 Proof on Main Show

Work from numerous artist attendees from the past several months of Cabaret Life Drawing is now on display at Proof on Main, the bar section of 21c's restaurant. These are mounted informally, akin to salon style, displayed in four groupings on the walls around the Seventh Street side seating area and entrance from Main Street.

2010_jul_25 004
2010_jul_25 011

Artists please email me and I will include your names if you want credit for your work appearing in the show and on this blog.

Thanks to 21c and Skylar for hosting the Cabaret Life Drawing  and for giving us all a venue to display the art from those sessions! Here are some more photos of the show.

2010_jul_25 007

2010_jul_25 003

2010_jul_25 002

2010_jul_25 001

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