Friday, April 16, 2010

2010/03/21 - Tanner, Hitchhiker and Adventurer

This Sunday Cabaret Life Drawing hosts Jess Cox, a tanner, hitchhiker, and adventurer! In the spirit of sharing traditional ways of living and primitive skills, Jess will be modeling her own buckskin creations.

Jess, 26, was born and raised in Kentucky. She went to college for painting, but discovered it was not her cup of tea. Since then, she has been traveling via thumb and train, and visiting different cities and woods. She is excited about primitive skills, ie. traditional methods for living such as tanning hides by hand, making fires with friction, and living outdoors. She also loves cooking for herself and her friends. Jess currently lives in the west end of Louisville.


Cabaret Life Drawing is currently accepting drawings from class for an exhibit at 21c Museum in this spring. You may bring submissions to class, or send images to this email with 'Cabaret Life Drawing Exhibit' as the subject.

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