Friday, April 16, 2010

2010/03/07 - Art Muse and Model

This Sunday Cabaret Life Drawing hosts Donna McNutt, an artist muse (aka Katgurl 13), a local art model and creative muse!

Donna has modeled at various local art organizations and has been sketched and photographed by dozens of local artists.  Her leisurely pursuits include reading and writing horror fiction, sketching, gardening, fool hardy culinary endeavors and sleeping.  She has an affinity for intellect and creativity and abhors the base and commonplace.  She is an atheist, artist, humanitarian, believer in personal accountability and independence.


Cabaret Life Drawing is currently accepting drawings from class for an exhibit at 21c Museum in this spring. You may bring submissions to class, or send images to this email with 'Cabaret Life Drawing Exhibit' as the subject.

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