Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009/11/29 - Goth Belly Dancer With a Pet


This week's model was Olivia and she brought a friend. She brought Ayame, her five-foot cow snake, to pose with her! Olivia has a background in belly dance and has been working with a local burlesque group. Here is a photo of Olivia from Skylar's email announcing the session.

Artists Work:

Here's where you can post your work, digital photos or scans. Please keep maximum image dimensions to 1200 pixels so they load quickly! (Please include your name and a brief comment if you like.)

Jonathan Gilpin
"Here are all of  my drawings from the session ( just to show how many poses we get into the two hour session)."

(Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.)
One and two minute poses:

Five minute poses:

Twenty and thirty minute poses:

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