Friday, January 29, 2010

2009/11/01 - Cabaret Contortionist

This Sunday Cabaret Life Drawing hosts Grace Ballard, a Cabaret Contortionist, and self-described 'dirty acrobat'!

Grace has performed across the country under the name Cindy Crawfish with her partner, Tina Tuna. Starting on top of their favorite bar, they entertained between bands at punk shows and eventually landed at a cabaret with other aerial acrobats and burlesque ladies and gentlemen. Cindy Crawfish and Tina Tuna passed though a myriad of venues, such as The Blastomat, Monkey Mania, The Bar Bar, Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret and we brought in the New Year for an ecstatic crowd at The Mercury Cafe.  The duo performed once in Louisville at the Rudyard Kipling before Tina Tuna sadly moved away. Grace will perform solo this Sunday for your drawing pleasure!

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